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Breakfast is
the answer.

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Published on Apr19, 2018
We often hear about breakfast being the most important meal of the day - but why? And if there is so much information telling us this, then why is it that this is the meal that most people struggle to eat?
Indians give
as an excuse for
skipping breakfast!
Let's take a quick survey.
Are you having a nutritionally
adequate breakfast?
You are amongst the 28% of Indians who do not 'skimp' or have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast
You are amongst a whopping 72% of Indians who 'skimp' or have a nutritionally inadequate breakfast
But why
is breakfast
claimed to be the
most important
meal of the day?
Shake your phone to find out
In children, adequate breakfast is associated with improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving and better comprehension during reading and listening.
"Regular breakfast consumption helps you to manage the weight"
The higher your hunger levels are, the more the quantity of food intake will be. And, this at times exceeds your recommended daily calorie intake. A constant practice of skipping breakfast will finally lead to
Give yourself and your family an nutritionally adequate start each morning.
Ensure you and your child start your day with a balanced breakfast. Cereal, milk and fruit can be a great option.
So, let's get your health on track. Check out the various recipes Kellogg's has to offer for a quick and
Now don't compromise on
Morning Nourishment
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